Concussions in Football

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Gary Cornish English 4 King Concussions In Football Is football too dangerous of a sport? Many have began to argue this issue from the NFL all the way down to peewee football. In the NFL there has made an effort to create a safer game but football is not meant to be played safe. With the athletes playing in the NFL getting stronger and faster, the chance of injury is growing. But with all sports comes injury and football is as bad as it gets. The most prevalent injury that’s changing the game of football is to the head. Concussions have become common to football players but they can be directly linked to permanent brain damage. It isn’t new that football causes concussions but after recent studies that reveal how dangerous these brain injuries are, the media has put pressure on the NFL and how they can change this ongoing issue. There is not much that can be done to a sport like football to make it safer but something has to change in order to stop permanent brain damage for its players. It is more common than ever for the players playing in the NFL to get injured because of the incredible strength and speed players are now capable of. Brain injuries are now being observed like never before and more and more players are having issues with their brains during and after their football careers. The high chance of getting seriously injured while playing football has made people wonder if permanent brain damage not to mention the numerous other injuries that occur in football is worth the enjoyment of the sport. A big issue is that is not just occurring in the NFL. A study from the National Center of Injury Prevention found that 47% of high school football players say they suffer a concussion each season, and 37% of those players reporting more than one per season. Also, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, 85% of sports-related
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