Argumentative Essay On Football Injuries

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Mr.Otting English 3 20 February 2012 Football: New Penalties Are Too Extreme If you have ever watched or played the great American sport of football, you will see there are many more penalties being tagged on to both teams, than four years ago. Pass rushers are one of the most penalized players on the field. Mainly because of the new penalties like no hands to the helmet, and the more strict rules about hitting the quarterback. Another major area for flags are helmet to helmet contact. The penalties for these kinds of hits are too severe and need to be lessened. However, hits to the head can cause serious head and neck injuries and they need to be avoided. As someone who watches American football, you would see how bad some of…show more content…
We have all been in some position where we cannot do anything about it because its part of the rules. Changing or broadening the rules like how rough is too rough and the timing of late hits, would increase the enjoyment of the viewer. The less time there is being spent on explaining penalties the more the spectators are going to watch and invest there money in watching the games. If the spectator is happy then everyone is happy, the teams’ revenue would go up, fans would get more for their money, and the officials would not get such a bad reputation as being the ones that slow the game down. As you watch your next football game, you will see that the rules need to be revised. Fining the players is just wasting their money. It isn’t their fault they are playing hard and being aggressive. It is called a contact sport for a reason. Football is a sport of discipline, mental and physical toughness, hard-work and sacrifice. They need to let them play the game the way it was intended, hard-nosed and tough. Football is made up of many different plays but the thing that is the same is everyone should go hundred and ten percent until the

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