Pros and Cons of Globolisation

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PROS AND CONS OF GLOBOLISATION – ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES World is not a vast space anymore; everything has come together, tightly connected and interrelated that it feels like we are a part of a global village. In the new era, we all are connected to each other in a way that it never really existed before. Production of one part of the world is consumed in other part of the world. People can fly from one end to another end of the world, nothing is distant anymore. Globalization is the absence of imaginary walls and fences that countries had built up against each other, for the purpose of ambition, security and traditions. Globalization has brought all of us together and made us understand that we are all a part of a single entity, living in different circumstances culturally. Globalization was a tidal wave that first started to enhance the economic state of the world; therefore, it was primarily a fiscal movement. But its effect could not be restricted to finances; globalization has also affected the cultural, social, psychological and political state of the world. It has affected the mindsets of people, the way they think and react. It is globalization that has consolidated the world over communication. This is the reason why when people increasingly migrate or travel to far away countries now; they do not have the sense of fear of the unknown anymore. They already know what to expect because the globalization has brought all of us together. Globalization is the reason how the westernization of the naïve cultures took place. Globalization has spread like a fire because of the heavy amount of information exchange all over the world and the increased amount of travel. Another reason for the wide spread of globalization is that there is a considerable amount of resource depletion all over the world and every country now depends on each other for the basic

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