Silk Road Dbq

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Silk Road DBQ The interconnected network of the Silk Road has had a vast role in broadcasting the major aspects of all the past, present, and future civilizations. The Silk Road has left a huge dent in the world’s blueprint in development. It also was a distinguished trading route that allowed friends and people to spread ideas, religions, and inventions for the greater good of mankind. Although the fact that many people believe that the Silk Road was one-dimensional, in that they think that it was an important trading route, it had affected the world in many ways such as, an economic, social, religious, and intellectual aspects. Economically, the Silk Road had a colossal effect on the world’s economy which established how and where most of the major imports and exports go. More often than not, the economics of whole…show more content…
The social aspect is provided by the way of people who would travel and write to spread ideas and goods for the greater good of mankind in those times. This is asserted in the sources 1, 3, 4 , and 6. In source 1, this is communicated through Cassius Dio, a great historian, he showed that people, in his statement, he explains that people love this fabric, silk, which came from barbarians showing that people can change by a popular demand. In source 3, people who barely knew each other greeted each other with the utmost respect. In source 4, it is insinuated that people had interacted by the market’s interconnected network. In source 6 this is manifested in a way of people having their own interconnected network throughout the markets. Cassius have concluded that people were attracted to the fabric because the people by popular demand it had been welcomed to the people. We know this to be true because, silk was THE major export throughout the whole SILK Road. By the social demands of a person, one has their own interconnected network within a
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