Pros And Cons Of Abolishing Electoral College

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Joel Falconer English 1301-P30 Robin Fitts 30 October 2012 Abolishing the Electoral College Every four years in America, people across the nation vote for who will be the next President of the United States. The Electoral College is a tricky system that does not always truly represent the will of the people or elect the true majority winner. This is the reason why the Electoral College should be abolished. In a sense, the way the Electoral College works is actually like voting against other people in your state, hoping your elector that you vote for will win the majority. In some states such as Texas, California, and New York, it is clear before the election which elector or party they are voting for. If that elector is the opposite of the one you would vote for and you know the majority people in that state are going to vote for him, why should you even vote? Does your vote really count? The answer is no, it does not. This causes a depression in voter turnout. This idea is what mostly discourages American people from voting. The concept that my vote will not make a difference is shared by many Americans and so in turn they do not vote. The President is supposed to be elected by winning the majority votes. With the Electoral College in place the elector with the most votes doesn’t always get…show more content…
The problem is that the constitution states that there should be an equality in voting; one person one vote. The Electoral College is broke when compared to this concept. This idea left to the American people by the founders is not represented fairly by the current system. The way that the electoral votes are split amongst the states and the value of each state does not necessarily live up to one person having one vote. Knowing that one person’s vote is not equal to another person’s vote is constitutionally wrong and should make the people want to bring equality to the
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