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How Far Do the Suggests That the Political System Was in Need for Reform Essay

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  • on November 7, 2014
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Below is an essay on "How Far Do the Suggests That the Political System Was in Need for Reform" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How far do the sources suggest that the political system before 1832 was in need of reform?

During 1829-30, the demand for reform revived. A small group of Whip MPs had always favoured a moderate reform, and the Whig leader, Lord Grey, had always been in favour of the idea of a reform. Source 1 is a letter written to his daughter by Sir Philip Francis, a Whig politician in the pocket borough of Appleby. He clearly benefits from the unreformed parliament as he is faced with no opposition with the elections. Due to the fact it is a personal account written to his daughter, why would the man lie? This makes the source very reliable. Due to the date of the letter (1802), it makes me question whether it has any relevance to the reform bill which occurred in 1832. This letter was written 30 years before the reform bill had even passed and the MP does not moan about the fact he was elected in by just one voter. But then again, this source suggests that the election system was unfair. We can see this because of the fact, small pocket boroughs were often known as rotten boroughs. A rotten/pocket borough was small populated boroughs where the residents could easily be bribed and persuaded to vote a particular MP. This was very unfair on the people and on the other people up for election, so this source doe’s hint at the fact a reform should take place, but this particular MP does not want a reform because he is benefitting without it. Saying this, some boroughs and counties were under-represented whereas some were over-represented.

Source 2 on the other hand, is a speech made by a Tory MP, Sir Robert Inglis in Parliament. This man is clearly not interested in a reform and says how the parliament is a ‘complete representation of the interests of the people’. With this quote, we can question this over source 1. Source 1 is clear how the pocket borough of Appleby is under-represented and that the Whig MP, Sir Philip Francis was voted in very easily. This means that the...

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