George Washington's Two Party Analysis

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In George Washington’s farewell address to the young nation, he warned the citizens of the emerging two-party system. He feared that the country might be destroyed by, as he called them, “baneful effects of the spirit of party.” He viewed parties as a threat to both national unity and the concept of popular government (Grushoff). Nearly 200 years after Washington’s famous farewell address, his words have never held so true. The two-party system has endured within our country at the distaste of many Americans. Our country is as divided as ever and there is a substantial lack of unity among the political parties and the citizens of the United States. At the federal level, the two political parties refuse to work together in the best interest of our country. In addition to seeking reelection, their main focus is furthering their political agenda as they refuse to compromise and negotiate with one another. In addition, citizens do not feel accurately represented by these elected federal officials. The citizens are given limited options when voting because only the dominant parties have a realistic chance of winning. The past ten years have opened the eyes of many citizens. The past two presidents have…show more content…
The purpose of our nation’s democracy is to allow American citizens to elect officials that represent their interests and beliefs. However, the two-party system takes the power that the founding fathers set out to invest in the American people and gives it to the dominant parties. The dominant parties act as institutional bodies themselves, so the candidates remain very similar to those of previous elections. American citizens are left with a limited choice of candidates with little variation. Alternative third-parties do not have a realistic chance of winning elections, so citizens are forced to vote either Democrat or

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