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Professional Nurse A professional nurse is a person qualified by education at accredited school of nursing and qualifies nurse to take state exam. A professional nurse provides service to patients requiring assistance in recovering or maintaining their physical or mental health. However, a professional nurse plays a variety of roles a caring person, a person who behaves professionally, a patients advocate or counselor, a compassionate and empathic person, a person who communicates effectively with his/her patients, a person who encourages the patient to be brave under distressing condition, and person with a strong desire to help others. But for the purpose of this paper I will focus on the effective communication skills of a nurse, the comfort and reassurance a nurse delivers to ill patients, and a nurse as a patient advocate or counselor. Effective communication is an important skill that the professional nurse needs to develop in order to interact effectively with patient and bring about a better resolution in patient’s health condition. Johnson (2010) emphasizes the importance of effective communication by nurse with patient and staff. He says, “ The communication process enhances the broadcasting of information needed to ensure patient safety and promote quality patient care”. When nurse clearly communicates the details of a patient’s condition or progress verbally or writing to other members of the healthcare team handling the case as well as nurses that deal with the patient on other shifts, the likelihood of mistakes that put a patient in jeopardy greatly decreased, so patient are safe. The consequences to the patient if nurses do not clearly communicate all important patient information may be greater pain, a worsening of the patient condition, permanent injury or even death. Another important role of the professional nurse is to give comfort

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