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I’ve known that I wanted to be a Nurse since I was around ten years old. My aunt is a Nurse in the Emergency room and always has the most amazing experiences. Though it takes a lot of work to become a Registered Nurse, it most definitely pays off in the end. This profession not only takes a lot physically, but emotionally as well. There are certain qualities that one must have in order to succeed in this field, as well as other requirements and life style changes that must be made to truly become a Registered Nurse. The road to becoming a Registered Nurse is quite long. Though one can get their degree in two years, most hospitals and other facilities are only accepting those with a four year bachelor’s degree. Before entering the program,…show more content…
One must have communication and interpersonal skills, you must be able to properly explain a procedure to a patient and their families, as well as being able to communicate with your patient to provide the best care. You must have patience, you must be able to adapt to your patient and their needs. Some patients are very needy and need constant care, others want nothing to do with anyone and want to be left alone. Both types of patients are seen every day and must be dealt with accordingly. Another skill a successful Nurse should have is empathy, many patients are confused and scared about their conditions and it’s the Nurses job to show that they understand and try to further explain the condition using words that will not frighten or confuse the patient. You must have emotional stability, throughout a Nurse’s career there are many situations that cause emotional stress. It is the nurse’s job to provide support and sympathy to the patient and their family through the hard times and also to be the back bone of the group and to always be optimistic. Hospitals experience death every day and it is the Nurse’s responsibility to hold professionalism when this occurs. Nurses must be able to retain information. When a doctor walks into a room for a consult, it is the Nurse’s job to remember all of what the doctor says. A Nurse must be able to remember procedures, medication usage, and anatomy at

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