Vulnerable Population Essay

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v Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness Paper The vulnerable population represents the identification of a need and an attempt to Address that need. The issue of vulnerable population in health care can be examined on multiple levels. By definition, all consumers in health care are vulnerable; that is the potential for harm or injury is almost always present. Patients rely on the providers and the delivery system to meet their needs with honesty and equity, delivering the best care possible that is safe, effective, and ethical. The nurse often does represent the patient in need and may be an advocate for the patient and their care. Vulnerability and vulnerable populations are significant concepts in today’s health care system. Vulnerable populations are social groups who experience health disparities as a result of a lack of resources and increased exposure to risk. Diverse, vulnerable groups are most often comprised of person’s race, people living in poverty, and people marginalized by sexual preference, immigrant status, religion, or creed. Vulnerable groups also include high risk mothers and children, non-English speaking individuals, people of terminal illness, and homeless families. Patients can also be made vulnerable by their financial circumstances, place of residence, health, age, personal characteristics, functional or developmental status, ability to communicate effectively, and the presence of a chronic illness or disability. Vulnerable persons abound everywhere and cannot escape our notice. We as the primary nurse need to educate the public about or role as a patient advocate. All other health disciplines being equally important, this role of the primary nurse will most surely benefit the patient and all humane aspect to an acute medical setting. Vulnerability concerns the complex of social, economic and political considerations
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