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Retention of Nurse Managers in Healthcare Vina Mealey Thomas Edison State College Dr. Jenna Hatcher-Keller June 10, 2012 Abstract Nurse Managers have vast knowledge and experiences not only in managerial work but also in care giving which enables them to effectively accomplish their duties contributing to the overall success of health care organizations. However, in the course of their duties, nurse manager’s performance and work output are affected by various factors such as burnout, poor management systems or policies and inadequate compensation among other factors. Studies show that in order to retain qualified nursing in management roles, health systems must learn to utilize strategies which promote a positive work environment. Creating a good work environment that fosters and enhances the quality of administrative and leadership systems as well as relationships while enabling maintenance of quality of work/life balance, contributes to nurse manager retention (Parsons & Stonestreet, 2003). This paper critiques research studies on several factors such as burnout, job satisfaction, and leadership behavior that may influence the successful performance and retention…show more content…
Factors such as burnout and leadership behavior among other factors negatively affect performance, satisfaction, and retention of nurse managers. The dilemma is creating and maintaining a healthy work setting that keeps stress to a minimum so that all involved achieve optimal satisfaction, in particular nurse managers. Therefore, not addressing this problem implies that healthcare organizations will, as a result, find difficulty in retaining nurse managers to accomplish their vision and mission of providing high quality patient

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