What It Takes To Be a Successful Cna

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Success For The CENA Working with the sick, the disabled, or the helpless is both an emotional and physical job to take on. One of the most important jobs in a care team would have to be the CENA (certified and evaluated nurse assistant). They are the paraprofessionals who are the right hand to a licensed nurse or other health care professional. They provide the primary care for those who are unable to care for themselves. The tasks given can be responsible for major wear and tear on both the mind and body. It is a kind of job that not everyone can take on. It takes a lot of inner and outer strength to deal with the challenges that are thrown at CENAs left and right. To be a successful nurse’s aide, a CENA must have compassion, patience, be observant, knowledgeable and responsible. Being compassionate is one of the most important traits a CENA must have. In the work place, a CENA may work in many saddening settings which may include working with the terminally ill and the elderly. In order for the aide to give the most effective care to the resident or patient, he or she must want to help. They would treat the patient as if it was their own family in this kind of predicament. They must have the passion to help others to get back to their everyday lives or for some, help them learn to live with their illness. An aide might find residents with that illness very upset with their current situation. It is the aide’s job to comfort them in their time of need by sitting with them and letting them talk about their problems. Just sitting in the room quietly, consoling the patient and letting them know that the aide cares and that they are not alone is enough to make them feel loved. Additionally, being patient is the one trait a CENA must acquire or learn in order to succeed in this career. There are many instances where an aide’s patience will be tested such as
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