Good Nurse Essay

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Caring for patients needs is the most important quality that any practical nurse should have. When a patient sees and feels that the nurse cares about him/her immediately the patient starts building a trust relationship with that nurse. By building this trust the patient most likely will discuss its health problems with the nurse. Since the objective part of treatment is held by patient telling its nurse about the symptoms he or she faces, the trust is a must for patient to be able to discuss it with its nurse. In addition a good practical nurse should also be a good listener. A nurse should ensure that its patient is being heard and acknowledge. Also a nurse should acknowledge any improvement in its patient’s health. And reward the patient for any participation that he or she takes towards its health improvement. For example when a nurse sees that its patients exercise and watch his or her diet in order to lower its blood pressure or cholesterol the nurse should reward them by making a positive comment to them. In addition a good nurse should take their time to review its patient’s health history and their present history in regular bases. A good nurse will take some extra time to research about some health condition that its patient is going though. And a good nurse will keep in touch with its patient’s family and inform them about the patient’s health in regular bases if it’s ok with the patient. Finally a good nurse will respect its patient’s situation and have patience while he or she is in process of recovering. Therefore caring for patients needs some specific qualities that a nurse should

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