Process Design Matrix

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Executive Summary The selected service and product covered in this Process Design Matrix are dry cleaning/ laundry and garments. The process design approach for dry cleaning/laundry service will be "high contact/pure services" and will focus on personal attention to each customer. The process design approach for the garment manufacturer will be assembly line, piece rate, and continuous flow. Service: Dry Cleaning/Laundry: Whether the contact is high, medium or low, customer contact is one of the most important measures used in classifying service approaches. While high contact is usually associated with services such as doctors, dentists, and other "hands-on" businesses, this approach can also be associated with other types of businesses, such as dry cleaners and laundry services that may go that extra mile to make their customers happy. Companies that offer dry cleaning and laundry services may also offer pick-up and delivery service as a part of the process design approach which emphasis high contact and pure service. Further, the design focus point to this approach would be to help customers save time. The strategy is to make appointments, standing or on occasion, to pick up the customers dry cleaning and to return it, sometimes within just a few hours. The process performance measure for this type of service would be 100% customer satisfaction. If your all of your customers are satisfied, they will refer other customers to your business. Product: Clothing Manufacturer: Many manufactures use the assembly line or production line approach, which usually involves individuals working on one specific part of a product, culminating with the finished product at the end of the line. The design focal point of this approach is using the most efficient, cost effective method to produce the best products for the consumer. In the garment industry this approach is used

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