Case Study on Analysis Procedure

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Case Study Case study analysis procedure * Assessment component * Make assumption * Organization objectives 1. To increase revenue while providing excellent service to consumers. 2. Maintain a facility that will attract physicians and investors. * Expectations 1. Is to develop planning to determine what consumers want and how we can integrate it with in our organization. * Apply disciplines * Present results 2. Low revenue 3. Nurses over worked and under paid * Past results 1. Higher investment income 2. Charging visitors for parking * Current internal situation 1. Board passed resolution that discounted operating losses being funded by investment income 2. Entered two-year capitates manage care agreement with the city * Apply methodologies * Current external situation 1. Doctors admit some patients in the neighboring hospital 2. Neighboring hospital provides committee work * Other factors as necessary 1. The financial ability of the consumers we attract to pay 2. Rates are to low for quality of services provided * Problem solving component * Identify and describe problems There are several problems with in the case. One major problem is that the revenue is down and the company’s expenses are increasing. Another problem is that the nurses are over-worked and under paid. The rates that are charged are too low. BCH can put programs or incentives in play that will pay doctors for menial service. The doctors would then start admitting their patients at BCH. We can also increase the rate for services that are provided. Increases to the nurses pay rate are a must to stay competitive. By offering plans to Doctor’s such as committee work or pay foe menial service assignments then doctors’ would admit their patients which would in turn generate

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