Btec Business Extended Certificate Level 2 Unit 11 P2

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BTEC BUSINESS EXTENDED CERTIFICATE LEVEL 2 ASSIGNMENT Customer Relations Unit: 11 PASS 2 Explain the advantages of a superstore that provides good customer service, and also outline the benefits of the employees and customer gain too. This means about thinking of the type of customer service you and your family expect in a superstore and the facilities you expect to find. The advantages of a superstore are they can provide a consistently high level benefits to the employees and customer include: Satisfied customers: if they make a good customer services and help support, this can make more repeat customer and then repeat customer will recommend more new customer to you business. A good public image: it was making more sales by new customers. When you broadcast advert if you have a good public image then you may have a good reaction. Customers’ appreciation: the staff will to offer good customer service because bad customer service is make customer angry and then never come back again. Benefits of the employee gain The benefit of the employee it is an important part of job, but in different company they can have a different benefit. The benefits include: Severance pay – company pay an employee receives when they leaves employment at a company. Holidays – each employee have a month of holiday in each year. Overtime and sick pay – they can get money for overtime and if them work-related injuries the company will pay for them heal. Pension benefits – for they age or other factors stepping down from a job, the company or employer must give a larger amount of remuneration. Benefits of the customer gain The benefit of customer service is obtaining customer retention. Happy customers become repeat customers. Strive to help the customer can ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction. The benefits include: Saving time – can buy from

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