Capstone Strategy Essay

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Sales forecasts In the marketing department, sales forecasts were one of the decisions we had to make. By changing the price of our product, the computer would give us its predictions, yet they were very unrealistic. We had different strategies to calculate the sales of each product, as shown below. First we use the customer score survey to calculate next year’s estimated market share; divide our score by the total scores given by the customers in a certain segments. This will show us how much customers like our product and if our performance and size fit their preferences. Another estimate that we could have is by multiplying the growth rate by the current unit demand of a segment and then multiply this answer by our current market share. This will give us an estimate according to the increase demand of the population who are interested in this market. Finally, our last strategy was the market share report in the Capstone courier, which we considered our best strategy since it is the most detailed and accurate one. This strategy is more accurate because it shows us in cases where a product stocked out, how much it would have sold since this affects all of the competitors sales for next year. Also, we could calculate our sales forecasts using the actual market share and potential market share percentages to get a worst and best case scenario. After all those calculations are done and we end up with around 5 results; we make our decisions depending on each round. Sometimes we would feel optimistic and believe that this would be a good round, therefore our final sales forecast would be the highest number. An average of all the results is also another strategy we have used in some rounds. Strategy The strategy of the company at first was to keep creating new products in the high-end market and eventually they will drift towards traditional. By round 5 we
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