Problems and Perspective of Chinese Urbanization Essay

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Topic: Urbanization and Sustainable development in China: partterns, problems and prospects. 主题:中国的城市化与可持续发展:模式(moshi),问题和前景(qianjing)。 Content Acknowledgement 1 -Introduction 1.1- layout overview 1.2- research methods, literature and theoretical approaches 1.3- objective 1-the first objective of this research is try to know how and by which way anthropologist can work in the field of development of practical an concrete manner, maintaining scientific rigor and methodological required conditions. 2- Second, to see what role anthropologists can play in the urban development project. 3- Analyze advantage, consequences, and problems of urbanization 4- The third objective of our work is to see how to use anthropology, the science which studies human in all its dimensions and diversity to solve the problem of man Motivations 2-Overview of China’s Urbanization 2.1-histtorical sketch 2.2-Mao’s vision of the city 2.3-post –Mao urban reform 2.4-china’s present urbanization patterns Qualitative and quantitative method Because we think that qualitative method are appropriate to our research. That method implies a direct concern with experience as it ‘lived’ or ‘felt’ or ‘undergone’ Qualitative research can provide background information on context an subjects: act as source of hypotheses; and scale construction. Problematic This remarkable location underpins much current strategic logic of urbanization in China because this urban phenomenon policy translates this massive displacement of the rural population for the benefit of the city whose population continues to grow. So Dubresson (1998) that think: this spectacular spring of cities based on the increase of existing cities and the increasing number of urban locality. Whereas all the transformations that have affected China since the 80s, urbanization has arguably become one the
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