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Chinese Migrate to America The time period between the 1870’s to the 1930’s was a crucial time in American history. During this time was not only the industrial era and the beginning of modernization for America, but it was a immigration hot spot. When America started to industrialize and become more modern, it opened a big window for opportunity and other countries saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many people from other countries all around the world began to migrate over to America for so many reasons especially the Chinese. The Chinese are a prime example of taking the opportunity that America brought to many people. There are many reasons on why the Chinese were immigrating to America. The Chinese migrated to America to seize the opportunity of a better job, better living, and an overall better life. Many things lead to this movement…show more content…
They had to go through a lot to get to America and when they actually got here, they were treated like trash. Little did America know that they would be the reason why things operated and it may have actually been a good thing that they came. They did take jobs away from Americans, but they brought ideas and made things run a little bit better. They came to help their families and have a better life like most other immigrants and that’s what America provided. I never knew how much of an impact this immigration stage had on America itself today. In conclusion, The Chinese immigration was huge to America. The Chinese contributed to the production and growth to the industrial era of America. They had a struggle to get themselves fit in, but in the end it was worth it for many reasons. The California Gold Rush was the ticket for the Chinese to even come over here and get a better life and the Chinamen who went through the hardship came out with the best results. Overall this immigration was for a support for their families and a better life and that’s exactly what they

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