China Superpower Dbq

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China is a bustling nation, but could it be the next world superpower? For one it certainly has potential, with the army, manpower, technology, and money they sure could rise to the top at any rate. Not only does china have all of this, but America still owes them money and they also make everything for America, they could cut off this supply line if they needed to which could lead to problems for the great young nation. China could undeniably be a world superpower in the near future or further. Like stated China has the man power to do just about anything quickly even working on extremely large projects could be a breeze for china. Take the Three Gorges Dam; it would have taken many other countries more than 30 years while china completed…show more content…
Money is what makes the world turn and it’s exactly what china has. China primarily gets its money from its huge exporting business all over the world. Everywhere you see it says made in china it was made and bought from china giving them more money. Not only has this but America owes china a lot of money from are “issues” that we had and they could pull this card anytime they want and ask for their money. This money could be used to fund next generation equipment for their military technology and even for society. Like it says in document 3 “ What china’s leaders really want is that the next generation of underwear and airplane wings not just be “made in China” but also be “designed in China” and that’s where things are heading. So in the next 30 years we will have gone from “sold in China” to “made in China” to “designed in China” to dreamed up in China”. Last, but definitely not least is the very society of China. China is getting better and better by the second. The infant mortality rate is decreasing, literacy and education increasing, life expectancy higher and basic necessities like food, water, and shelter more available. Many of the problems they had with population are starting to go away with some new restrictions the put up. Their population mass could create the big armies and armadas of china and turn them into a well oiled war machine are could hone the economic status of china probably both though. With China having all these major points they could be on the rise for the next superpower
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