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Pro Argument For Medicating Children With Adhd Essay

  • Submitted by: geroshan
  • on August 2, 2011
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Shanna L. Cannoy
Professor Sarah Lupinacci
English 102
26 July 2011
The Effective Use of Medication is Needed for Controlling ADHD Symptoms in Children
When parents have children with a health issue such as diabetes medication is sometimes necessary to control the disease.   While ADHD is a mentally debilitating disorder, many people including some parents of their own children, with ADHD, will not help their child by the use of medication. It is a parent’s job to do everything possible to ensure their child’s ability to succeed with their best interest in mind. Why would a parent deny their children a sufficient way to survive better socially, academically, and emotionally when the option is present to help them do so? Robert Findling says it best with his question ‘‘Why would you want to let a child suffer unnecessarily?’’ ( qtd. In Hawthorn 1).
People whom do not know the extremities of the symptoms of ADHD are often quick to be adverse of using medication on children with ADHD. For children with ADHD sitting still and focusing on a task whither it be a teacher’s instructions or group activities are near impossible to complete on their own. “No one disagrees that people struggle – some profoundly, others less so – with inattention, restlessness, poor social skills, and academic or vocational frustration, poor self-esteem, substance abuse, accidents and injuries, and other problems correlated with ADHD” (Reznek 17).   Children with ADHD react on impulse and not what the consequences for their actions. Short term skills can be compiled benefiting not only the child, but everyone surrounding the child by eliminating disruptive behavior, by medication (Rappley 168).
There are stimulants and non-stimulants which are surfacing more frequently than in the past and may have fewer side effects then the stimulant medications. “With stimulant medication, parents and teachers should see some beneficial effects within 30 to 90 minutes—depending on the dose and...

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