Justice: Childhood Love Lessons Activity 13

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Activity 13 1. Direct Quotation: bell hooks says, “There is nothing that creates more confusion about love in the minds and hearts of children than unkind and/ or cruel punishments meted out by grownups they have been taught to love and respect” ( hooks, 27). Paraphrase: According to bell hooks, children are often confused between the difference of love and respect. It is the parent’s job to explain this difference in a loving way (27). Summary: In “Justice: Childhood Love Lessons”, bell hooks notes that grownups, with their ways of discipline; often confuse children about the concept of love. (27). I agree with bell hooks; children are taught love is as simple as giving a hug or sharing your toys but when they are abused by their guardians with explanations such as “I do this became I love you” it will confuse them great deal. 2. Direct Quotation: bell hooks says, “Being hurt by parenting adults rarely alters a child’s desire to be loved and be loved by them [parents]. Among grown-ups who were wounded in childhood, the desire to love and be loved by uncaring parents persists, even when there is a clear acceptance of the reality that is love will never be forthcoming” (30). Paraphrase: According to bell hook, when children are hurt by their parents their opinion on love rarely change. But when children grow up, even when they accept reality, they are wounded from these acts and they still carry a desire to be loved. (30). Summary: In “Justice: Childhood Love Lessons,” bell hooks believes that when children are hurt by their parents the desire to be loved lasts throughout their life (30). This topic is very controversial; some believe that childhood abuse often leads to a rough life but others say that they way you grow up does not affect the way you turn out. I personally believe that the way you grow up does affect you in the long

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