Pressure Disguised as Motivation

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The short story “Two kinds” by Amy Tan is a personal heartbreaking story. It exhibits the conflicts in personalities, and the struggle between the child and parents. One now and then comes across many stories even in real life where he/she sees the sense of failure of expectation that the parents show, and there are cases where the parents try to live vicariously through their children. The parents believe that this is in the best interest of their children, and that causes them to be so motivated. Yes, of course the issue of family values, and morals should be taught to children at an early age. This is to prevent them form entering into a devastative situation and to help them to decide on what’s right and what’s wrong. This story shows a prime focuses on the tone of how sometimes excessive pressure disguised as motivation backfires, which can result in the children being left with feelings of disapproval, and questioning of self-worth. It also shows how cultural difficulties play a vital role in causing this. Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds” shows the difference between American and Chinese Society. The story is based on a main character called Jing Mei. The story identifies the struggle that Jing has in balancing her mother’s expectation with Jing’s personal wants. Jing Mei explains what she thinks about her mother’s values and expectations. One can tell by reading the story, that Jing is a young character and how she does not realize about her mother’s good intentions for always wanting the best for her. Reading Amy Tan’s biography we get a sense of her personal life story through the character Jing. The biography states “that the tensions and conflicts produced by her dual heritage eventually found their way into her fiction, which often portrays the generational conflicts in immigrant families”(Huntley 3). We understand that Amy Tan was the daughter of a Chinese

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