Preventing Teen Suicide

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Risk Factors and Preventing Teen Suicide Teen suicide is the third leading cause of deaths today. The attempts of teen suicide start at the age of 15 to the age of 24. Teen suicide is not a completely different thing than adult suicide. They both have the same symptoms and reasons for attempting and committing suicide. There a six major ways teens commit or attempt suicide. They are overdosing on drugs or alcohol, cutting or slitting body parts, using lethal weapons, hanging and jumping from heights. they all vary with age, gender, and sometimes even race. Teen suicide is committed by teen for many reasons. The risk factors are disorders, such as, psychological problems, depression, bipolar disorders, distress, irrabilty, agitation, hopelessness, worthlessness, previous attempts or a friend or family loss to suicide, suffered physical or sexual abuse, lack of support, poor relationships with parents or peers, being in social isolation, and also dealing with homosexuality in an unsupportive family or hostile environment. Today the teen suicide statistics are at a high level. Girls think about attempting suicide twice as much as boys. They also do this by mainly overdosing or cutting themselves. Boys die by suicide four times as much as girls. They also die by suicide mainly by using lethal weapons, hanging themselves or jumping from high places. Overall sixty percent of suicides in the U.S. are being committed with a gun. People, such as, parents, peers, teachers, administrators, and families, who have teens who are trying to attempt suicide might not know if that are trying to. They should look for signs like, teens talking about suicide, going away or dying, or feeling hopeless, teens who pull away from friends and family. Also signs, such as, changes in eating or sleeping habits or self-destructive behaviors. Many people need to prevent teens from

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