Suicide Crisis

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Suicide Clinton C Pickett Liberty University Abstract This paper introduces the definition of a crisis. A crisis can be many things to many different people; the loss of a house to a fire, the death of a grandparent or the loss of a job all qualify as a crisis; though not all may quality as a crisis to a single individual. Suicide is the most difficult and complicated grievance experienced across the world in every country and every culture. Statistics imply that in the US, one is more likely to die by suicide than to be shot (James, 2008). Dealing with those who have attempted suicide and those who are grieving the loss of a love one who has committed suicide present a delicate dilemma that is multi-faceted can be infinitely complex.…show more content…
Is suicide a sin? Will a suicide go to hell? If suicide is a sin, is the suicide forgiven even though he/she was unable to ask forgiveness? The mother in our scenario will most likely have similar questions to these if not identical. You must be equipped to answer them. Wright (1984) tell us there are not judgments on suicide in the Bible but certain scriptures reveal a factual presence of suicide even in Old Testament times. The world suicide is never mentioned in the Bible but it can be considered as a version of killing, which, if done, breaks one of the Ten Commandments. Though suicide may be a sin, this does not mean eternal damnation however and it is important to guide the survivor of a suicide down this delicate road. Wright (1984) states that there is more of an acceptance that the person who committed suicide was under stress or strain and that only God knows their heart (Wright, 1984,…show more content…
They would be able to restore balance and continue to function in a state of psychological equilibrium and be able to manage their emotions attached the suicide. Still some may not be able to adjust to a healthy psychological state and could develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which causes the individual to be unable to cope with the event. They may relive the memory of being told about the suicide or if they were the one to find the body images of the corpse could haunt them on a daily basis. The symptoms can vary greatly depending on the trauma and the degree to which the victim was emotionally attached. Sometime medicines and antidepressants are prescribed. Antidepressants, which can be can be prescribed for more than just PTSD but a common misconception about them should be understood clearly. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that some new antidepressants could increase the risk of suicide in patients taking the medications. Actually, available data leave considerable uncertainty regarding actual risk of suicide attempt and death by suicide during antidepressant treatment. Conversely, further research has shown that suicide risk was significantly higher in patients one month before starting medication and

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