Suicide Letter to Stephen Harper

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Dear Stephen Harper As a 15 year old girl, the tragedy of suicide and how is has affected me, my family, and people in North America has taken a big toll on how I should live my life. I am sending you this letter with the intention of grasping your help and opinion on what you, my peers and I can do to prevent suicide. I myself have had four people that were close to people in my family commit suicide. It is not something that is easily dealt with, suicide a very distressing situation. It is a permanent solution to a temperary problem. Meaning, people are ending you life, when things will get better. As much as they think it will not get better, everything always gets better. We all have our good and bad days. Which is unfortunate that people take thoughs bad days and terminate their life over it. I need your help with this problem because I myself as a young woman cannot do it by myself. In North America alone, over 26 thousand people committed suicide in 2008, and every 10 minutes someone ends their life. Which is not right. If people are having a hard time with life, they should talk to someone about it. Something that you and I could do to help people going through a hard time is to open up more Suicide Anonymous Hotlines. Also if you feel that a friend or family member is being lead down that path, you should talk to them about it, and get them to call into an anonymous hotline and get help. Suicide is preventable, as long as you lead them in the direction of help. Greatly Appreiciated Taylor

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