President Obama: a Good Choice for This Country?

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President Obama: A good choice for this country? By: Rebecca Ramsey Both arguementive sides to the debate: whether Obama is a satisfactory president or not. Topic: President Obama is not the best choice for President. Opposing Topic President Obama is the perfect choice for President. Thesis Statement: President Barack Obama is not the best choice for President of the United States due to the fact he is pro war, he does not put the American people’s needs first, and he is a liar. The president of the United States, What comes to your mind when you picture the person that is running our country? I picture an honest, person, with honor and integrity, compassion and a firm hand in giving the American People the best he can. The President should be doing things to better American people and America itself for that matter. I do believe that the current President, Barack H. Obama, is not the best choice for the American people. My belief in this does not have anything to do with race, cultural, or religious beliefs, I would just like to clear that up now. First thing is first. President Obama is pro war. It is said that President Obama is the most Pro War President ever. It is wrong to fight and kill other people whether there is a purpose or not. It’s like playing God. No one has the right to decide and order American people to go overseas and kill. Also, President Obama is indifferent to the US military and national security: Second, for the past few months, his attitude and lack of genuine interests in the US military and national security are very alarming and disturbing. If he serves for eight years as president, he will spend over $8 trillion on defense, including the hidden costs of the war economy. Fifty per cent of all US tax dollars is spent on the US military. America spends more on defense than the combined total military budget of any

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