Republican Party Vs Green Party Essay

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The Green Party Versus the Democratic and Republican Parties The term “Politics” derives a varied response by the American People. In general, a person may term himself as either a Democrat or a Republican, but it is important to put the focus past these mainstream ideas. These two parties are not as different as many may believe, and one particular third-party comes to mind as a true democratic, “for the people” approach to domestic affairs. While looking at major issues such as universal health care, unions and wages, and global warming, one would notice that the stands taken by both the Democratic and Republican parties are very similar. The Green party stands for taking direct action. Global warming is a real problem today, and while both mainstream parties want to take action to lessen emissions standards, it is not a priority. The Green party wants to reduce…show more content…
Gay marriage is significantly welcome from the Green Party’s perspective, more so than by the Democratic Party, and significantly more welcome than by the Republican Party. The death penalty is also an overwhelming aspect of political campaigning. While the Republicans generally support the death penalty, the Democratic Party is lukewarm on the subject. The Green Party, on the other hand, totally opposes the death penalty, claiming that it statistically fails to deter crime. Apart from that fact, it is objectionably inhumane for us to “play God” and decide whose lives we are justified to take. The Green Party takes a unified stand in opposition to the war in Iraq. This viewpoint is diametrical to that of the Republicans, who claim that the war is necessary and that it is reassembling our world as one free from terrorism. The Democrats, on the other hand, stand somewhere between these two parties and haven’t wholly decided their feeling on the Iraqi
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