Precolonial Philippines Essay

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PRE COLONIAL PHILIPPINES REACTION PAPER Reading the article of Pre-colonial Philippines shows the evolvement of early Filipinos in techno-economic and the social political inheritance, Here we would see how early Filipinos managed to survive during their time and contribute in the formation of what we now own for ourselves: the Filipino culture. It also emphasizes how the early Filipino developed and continued to flourish over the years following these periods. Because of this our prehistory we look back on how does the Filipino civilized for betterment. Like those man-made objects where it illustrates the ability of man to respond to the conditions of the environment like tool assemblages, clothing, pottery, jewelry and the like are technological artifacts that that need to adapt where it is part of civilization and this skills were handed from generation to generation. Filipinos life ago was difficult yet they were able to survive mainly from their surroundings. Early Filipino used sharp stones used for smashing of food that they gathered, cutting, splitting, stripping and piercing wooden branches, palm leaves, and bamboo and tree barks were used for their clothing.. Since people during that time were relatively small in numbers, there was not really a problem in terms of food supply and space to dwell (all from the environment) but as we see in our time now most of people now are suffering and cannot eat due to poverty. Over the years, Filipino and environment continued to interact and produced new discoveries and breakthroughs not only in technology but also in the different aspects of human life.. The Filipino talent shown their lifestyle during the early years is truly a source of national pride of many Filipinos today. t lessons of the past as a tool and guide for our journey to the future. It is not enough that we know our

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