Tree Ear Case Study

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BY: BRYCE WILSON 1. When he was brought to Crane-man as a toddler, Tree-ear had to rely on him for everything. At the same time, Tree -ear helped Crane -man survive. Explain how this is so? When Tree-ear was brought to Crane-man they had to rely on each other. Tree-ear had to rely on crane-man because he was only 2 and was learning how to do things like feed himself and learning what type of plants, nuts, and fruits are edible in the woods. Crane-man had to rely on Tree-ear because he has a shriveled twisted up calf foot so he has to use a crutch. Crane-man has a limit on stuff that he can do. He can't get the fish when they all wash up on the sand because only the fastest people get them. Tree -ear basically is helps Crane-man man survive because without him Crane-man would probably be dead. Tree is almost like a young parent because Crane-man can't do much. Tree-ear has to get Crane-mans water from the stream and sometimes even has to bring food home for him. That's how they rely on each other. 2. Even though Tree-ear and Crane-man existence under a bridge and in a vegetable pit was an extremely difficult way to live, they provided themselves with the basic needs of food, shelter, and…show more content…
They provide themselves with food but they also know which plants, fruits and nuts are edible in the woods. They also have a vegetable pit. They have water because they live next to a stream. Tree-ear and Crane-man live under a bridge and that's their shelter. They have clothes because Crane-man makes them. It's not difficult for Crane-man or Tree-ear because they have the four basic needs to survive food, water, shelter, and clothes. So no, I would not compare them to a homeless person because they don't hustle people for money and they are not asking for food, water, or clothes because they already have

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