Precious Bandage Case Study

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PART 1 Decisions in Paradise Precious Bandages! Wound Care has almost 300 wound care offices in 16 states and provides medical treatment care for more than 2.5 million patients each year (Precious Bandages, 2012). The president and CEO of the corporation have decided to expand its services outside of the United States into smaller countries with a demand for quality healthcare. The first international Precious Bandages! Wound Care office will be opened on the Island of Kava. Before Precious Bandages can be a facility in full swing up and running, there are issues to be considered that could pose a threat the practice, the investors, the employees, and the patients. This international transition will require careful planning,…show more content…
Wound Care builds it facility from the ground up, by building with the strongest, weatherproof building materials available in the United States, this will aid in better protecting the people and contents of the building, should a natural disaster hits. In the medical field we are taught to take strict safety precautions with every patient as if they have a highly transmittable disease, it is just ensuring the protection of all parties involved. We make sure that these precautions are not offensive to patients in any way shape or form. Conclusion As previously stated, before this wound care facility is up and running, there are many issues to consider that pose a threat to the practice itself, the investors, the employees, and the patients. We have taken into consideration the existing issues in Kava, determined how they could directly affect our new wound care practice and, given the proper funding and materials to work with, have come up with possible solutions to avoiding these issue altogether or at least protecting all parties involved to the best of our abilities. References D.O.V.E. Bandages! Wound Care official website,
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