Hcs/490 Health Care Marketing Information Matrix

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Management Role in Technology Initiatives What is managements role in healthcare technology? One of the first steps in creating any project with an organization is to create a project steering committee. He or she must be able to understand the different types of organizational change with information technology initiatives. Have strong communication skills to discuss the strategies for implementation of the new system. To assure that the process is going at the time allotted, while staying on budget, and should be able to deal with factors that may cause failure in the project (2004). The primary functions of the committee is to plan, organize, coordinate, and manage all aspects of the acquisition process. When appointing a project manager one would need to look at an individual that has strong communication skills, organizational skills, and leadership abilities. The manager can be a physician partner, or in larger or in larger organizations, such as hospitals it would fall on the Chief information Officer. Regardless the manager should be interested in bringing this system to the organization, without the interest he or she may not be willing to put in the time, the strong interpersonal and communication skills (University of Phoenix, 2009). . He or she need to have strong management skills, and well respected by the organization's leadership team. Obtain resources Deliver project on time and on budget Communicate Manage project risk Resolve issues and problems Maintain plan Manage scope Leadership plays an essential role in managing the change that accompanies IT implementations. Good project management is essential and requires well developed charters, plans, committees and roles. references University of Phoenix. (2009). Health care information system. A practical approach for health
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