Risk Management Task 1

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WGU JIT Task 1 C. Recommendations For your Hospital disaster continuity plan to be successful, it must be designed to fit your specific needs and conditions. The process of establishing realistic objectives based on an assessment of the risks involved, selecting appropriate strategies, and assigning qualified persons to each planning task is fundamental to your success. In the event of an emergency or disaster at your hospital, the following recommendations have been made: * A disaster control center must be created which can be activated quickly and be equipped with enough telephones for local and long-distance communications to the disaster recovery facility. Address the most critical problems first. The plan must address who is to perform specific duties during the recovery period. These people must be selected very carefully, alternates identified, and plans should be documented to train and test those individuals in the performance of their duties. * Review and update the current contingency plan for the hospital to ensure that it is flexible in order to respond to any type of internal or external disaster including nuclear, biological, and chemical terrorist threats. Update the current contingency plan to ensure that it outlines a chain of task delegation and communication to be activated by the upper level medical services supervisor on-site following notification from the administrator on call that emergency procedures are to be implemented (see Table A). * Conduct a business impact analysis to identify and prioritize critical systems, business processes, and components. Include impact of events, allowable outage durations, and recovery priorities. Identify and implement preventive controls and measures to reduce the effects of disruptions, increase availability, and reduce contingency costs. Develop strategies ensuring critical

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