Pre-Conquest England Prosperous

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How far was pre-Conquest England a prosperous and well- governed kingdom? I think that pre-conquest England was to an extent a well-governed and prosperous kingdom, because there were few problems with some of the economic, political and social aspects. However there were some victorious moments with these aspects also. The economy of pre-conquest England was not good nor bad. In theory the whole Kingdom was the kings estate, including his home farms, were the royal demesne. The earls wouldn't have liked this, as they were supposedly in control of their earldoms, but theoretically their earldoms belonged to the king still. This could have caused disagreements between the Earls and the king as the Earls may not have felt powerful enough, as the king ruled all. Also there was a Geld which was tax on land, this had to be paid by everybody - including the Earls! All payments went towards the king, this would've also made the Earls not feel powerful enough, especially Harold Godwin who was seen as the most powerful man in England, but theoretically he wasn’t. However the Economy was well governed because the trade increased, which encouraged both the growth of towns and foreign contacts, this demonstrates that England were still involved in trade, which was good for the economy. However the economy was not very well developed especially compared to the Byzantine Empire and Muslim world. Those economies were massive, especially when compared to England’s. Overall I believe that the economy for pre-Conquest England as well- governed to an extent as the King did have large control, he did control this well, but he may have been seen as too powerful where the government is concerned. However it wasn't well developed so therefore in my opinion it wasn't very prosperous. The political aspect of pre-conquest England was fairly good due to the fact that Edwards court
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