Pax Mongolia and Pax Romana

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Both Pax Romana and Pax Mongolia were periods of peace in Rome and Mongolia respectively. Pax Romana would occur during the first two centuries CE. It would be ushered in under the ruler Augustus. Pax Mongolia would begin in the mid 1350’s with the conquering of a vast area of land under Genghis Khan. Pax Mongolia and Pax Romana were similar and different in many of their elements. The origins of Pax Romana and Pax Mongolia differed vastly. Pax Romana was brought along by the exclusion of emperors bent on expansion as well as the policies made by Augustus. During this time Rome was a pretty large empire and expansion wasn’t a major point of interest with the Roman ruling class. Also Augustus made policies that helped established a sense of peace within Rome. Augustus’ economic reforms were the most important policies he made that helped established this sense of “peace”. For example Augustus taxed Rome as a whole instead of each province differently which was something that his predecessors did. In doing this Rome’s net revenue increased. In Pax Mongolia the origins of the peace were slightly different. Instead of policies enacted it was the conquering of lands under Genghis Khan. But more importantly it was the connection of the Silk Road from Asia to Europe. Gunpowder, porcelain, and paper making were goods that came to the West because of the Silk Road. Political stability of Mongol rule also helped the Silk Road flourish as well as Pax Mongolia to come about. Pax Mongolia and Pax Romana were similar in the fact that there was a sense of peace. With the economy doing well, more ideas and innovations began to flourish. While peace wasn’t fully obtained in both empires, there was more peace than in the rest of the empires nations. Rebellions were very low and the few that there was they were easily put down. With political stability in both empires, no other
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