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Comparison Mongol Rule In Middle East And China Essay

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  • on December 20, 2011
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Mongol conquest in both Middle East and China encouraged the long-distance trade routes of Eurasia while also leading to the creation of one of the worst pandemics in history. While Mongol Rule was similar in China and the Middle East, the Mongols in China were much more tolerant of other religions than the Mongols in the Middle East who had everyone converted to Islam by force.
The conquered peoples of China possessed many religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism, and others. These Chinese religions were tolerated much better by the Mongols, than the religions of the Middle East. The conflict between Mongol and Muslim beliefs is illustrated by the fate of the last Abbasid caliph when Hulegu’s troops stormed Baghdad is 1258. In accordance with Mongol customs for the execution of high-born persons, the caliph had been rolled in a rug and trampled to death by horses to prevent his blood from spilling to the ground. Muslims were shocked and outraged by this behavior, and over time remained repelled by the Mongol’s worship of idols in their shamanistic religion. The tension was not relieved until the Il-Khan ruler, Ghazan, converted to Islam in 1295; unlike in China where that tension never existed. For, Kubilai was very curious about other ways of life, and his court reflected his tastes with a welcoming attitude toward travelers and emissaries from many foreign lands. Eventually the Il-Khans declared themselves the protectors and advocates of Islam, and all Mongols in the Il-Khan Empire were ordered to convert to Islam. In China however, Confucianism, while not encouraged, was at least tolerated, reflecting the Mongols’ open attitude toward other ways of life.
Mongol conquest in both Middle East and China encouraged the long-distance trade routes of Eurasia. After the initial attack of the Mongols, a Pax Mongolica was established. Ways of direct communication opened between East Asia and western Europe. Conquered peoples were offered protection and stable...

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