Positive & Negative Effects of Technology Essay

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Jamie Stidham CIT 105 Positive & Negative Effects of Technology November 15, 2013 Positive & Negative Effects of Technology Technology today, is about as common as a toothbrush. Everyone, in any country, has some sort of technologically device in their home that they use on a daily basis. Lots of people, myself included, would be lost with out the much convenience of today’s technolically advances. Life has definitely been more manageable with email, cell phones, and the Internet, to just name a few. People of the past would sure be in awe of how far we, as a society, have come in the twenty-first century. But as much positive technology has done and made our lives easier, the more negative it has caused also. Like all things good, there is bad too. Technology has had a great influence on science. With all the technologically advances used in the progression of science we have discovered cures to diseases, medicines to alleviate symptoms of illnesses, antibiotics, vaccines to prevent illnesses. Diagnostic imaging like x-ray and Electrocardiogram (ECG), Ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI have aided in finding diseases and internal injuries. Also technology has made organ transplant, childbirth, and surgery much easier and quicker. The advances of technology in science have saved countless lives with the help of heart monitors, defibulators, laser surgery, respirators, artificial pacemaker, dialysis machine, and chemotherapy. These technologically advances can cause negative impact just as much as positive. With the advancement of medication comes the negative impact of addiction. Too many people today are addicted to pain killers which leads to overdose, illegal trafficking of narcotics, higher crime rate when people have to steal, commit robbery, or kill
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