Short-Term Effects Of Cocaine

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Cocaine Cocaine is a highly powered stimulant that goes straight towards the brain and is very addictive. It is one of the oldest drugs known. Cocaine is from the leaf of the erythroxylon coca bush and is grown in Peru and other countries. Cocaine can be drunk when dissolved in water, snorted, smoked, or injected. Cocaine is abused a lot these days and it can go very out of hand. It can be used for medical purposes such as eye and ear surgeries. Cocaine will affect you almost immediately after use. It can shorten the need for food and sleep and that can become very dangerous for your health. Cocaine can become dangerously addictive if taken in big amounts. When cocaine is snorted it is taken directly into the bloodstream. When you abuse…show more content…
Some street names for cocaine are coke, dust, nose candy, snow, sneeze, powder, white pony, flake, C, the lady, rock, crack and many more. It is a very dangerous drug and students as early as the eighth grade are starting to use cocaine. Cocaine looks like a white crystalline power. It can be mixed with sugar, cornstarch, vitamins and flower. It looks like a small rock and is off-white or pink color. It is the second most used drug in America. The short-term and on-term effects of using cocaine are loss of appetite, blurred vision, vomiting, nasal infections and bleeds, sweating, hard breathing, twitching, harsh behavior, chest pain, and hallucinations. In 1997 1.5 Americans age 12-14 were chronic cocaine users. Cocaine is a very expensive drug also selling up to $100 per gram. It will affect you straight into the nervous system. Cocaine will affect your emotions. It will make you feel paranoid, hostile, and anxious, even when you are not high. Cocaine is addictive it interferes with the way your brain processes that create feelings of pleasure, so you need more and more of the drug just to feel normal at the time. People who become addicted to cocaine start to lose interest in other areas of their life, like school, friends,

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