Mri Technologist Essay

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Medical MRI Technologists are people who are specialists in using and operating MRI technology units. MRI technology units use large and strong current flows. They are used in making a very accurate image of soft body tissues or organs without having risk factors of patients by abolishing harmful X-rays and this is why this technology is very reliable and trustworthy by a lot of doctors nowadays. Job opportunities for MRI Technologists or technician are very good since there is a very high demand for performing MRI scans. MRI technologist or technicians use Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners to obtain images requested by a physician or a doctor to help in patient diagnoses. These images that have been produced have made major impacts in diagnosing diseases. It has helped diagnose cancer and many other fatal diseases. Also those images have helped to keep close attention to pregnancy process and as well as diagnosing any early diseases and body dysfunctions in body organs such as the brain for tumors or so on. MRI technologists or technicians prepare and operate MRI equipments and have to be good in positioning patients correctly and effectively enough to get the best diagnostic images. Briefly MRI technicians or technologist’s jobs are available in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers and technicians may also have to be fit by physical activity to operate units and cooperating with patients to move them around to get them positioned in the best position for diagnosing. Image: Diagram of an MRI Scanner According to the ‘Vancouver Island Health Authority’ job that a technician would be required to do is the following. • To follow all safety rules and procedures of MRI units as well making sure that work place area is safe. • To maintain all official records of any scans that takes place. • To perform any MRI cases and procedures as

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