Methamine Persuasive Speech

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My friend is thinking of taking the drug Methampethamine normally known as “P”, so I am going to persuade him not to take the drugs and show the risks and effects it has after you start taking it. I think that you should not take this drug because it is an “A class drug” and it is very addictive. Not just that, it rots your teeth, makes you behave in a violent matter and has some long term effects and these can ruin your life. “P” is a very dangerous drug which makes you do a lot of stupid things that you as your normal self would not do. This has a lot of long term effects, like depression and poor health. People who take this frequently develop a psychosis with hallucinations, delusions, and bizarre behaviour. Within all of this, it can also cause some…show more content…
You start to sell your belongings just to get the drug and at times you might get so violent. For example, you get so intoxicated by the drug that you hit your own parents, friends or siblings. Slowly you start to get angry over things and when you take P, you are not in control of yourself. This drug makes you do things that you as yourself would not do. Low self-esteem is one of the things that would affect you you start to not believe in yourself etc. Would you be happy to hit your own parents? When you take this drug, it goes inside your body and ruins your inner organs for example it burns/damages your lungs. Not only inner organs but also effects on the outside like rotten teeth and also this drug can have an effect on your sex drive. P makes you look hideous, imagine going to school or hanging out with your friends with brown rotten teeth. Lack of breath is common in the side effects, and this effect is a long term effect. So would you want to look like an idiot in front of your friends? So these are the effects of taking Methamphetamine so would you still want to try this? Make a wise decision because once you start, it gets really

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