Poor Interpersonal Communication in Crash Essay

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Poor Interpersonal Communication in Crash COM 200 Instructor Bianca Marino Poor Interpersonal Communication in Crash Crash is a movie that everyone should see at least once. The movie has a very diverse group of characters that show the different thought processes people face regarding stereotypes. A large amount of communication in this movie is expressed through nonverbal communication. Crash portrays many interpersonal communication conflicts, based primarily off of racism, which people face in the real world every day. The deepest interpersonal conflict I noted in the movie was the scene where the hitchhiker got a ride from a police officer. The hitchhiker was an African American man, and the police officer, who was off duty and dressed in regular clothing, was a Caucasian man. The Caucasian police officer pulled over on the highway to give the African American hitchhiker a ride. When asked where he was headed, the hitchhiker replied “anywhere away from here”. After a moment, the hitchhiker commented that he liked the song that was playing on the radio, which was a country song. The police gave a disbelieving chuckle. After a few moments, the hitchhiker shook his head and chuckled when he noticed a religious ornament on the police officer’s dashboard. The police officer asked what he was laughing at, and the hitchhiker just replied “people”. I assume the police officer thought he referring to white people, because he quickly got angry and pulled the car over, yelling at the hitchhiker to get out. The hitchhiker is reluctant to get out because he doesn’t understand what is wrong, and reaches into his pocket to show the officer why he had laughed. The officer ordered him to keep his hands visible, but the hitchhiker continued to reach into his pocket. Assuming the hitchhiker was reaching for a weapon, he shoots him in the

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