Personal Narrative: My First Time Getting Pulled Over

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John Doe Teacher English 111 1/20/13 My First Time Getting Pulled Over “Ma’am, license and registration please,” the officer asked. My whole body went numb; it was like I was having an out of body experience. After a couple seconds I slowly got feeling back and realized I better do what he says. Reaching back into my car my hands were shaking tremendously, noticing my fingers didn’t quite have feeling in them yet. I was fumbling through my purse trying to find my license, and then though my glove box for my registration, it felt like it took forever. I was terrified, thinking I have just ruined my entire day. Why did I have to get pulled over today? I was driving South down M-13 not paying attention to how fast I was going, I was…show more content…
“Ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked. I couldn’t say anything my voice choked up and my mouth went dry instantly. I didn’t know whether to tell him the truth or to tell him “no sir.” He stood there staring at me. I cleared my voice and finally replied, ”Honestly, I believe I was speeding.” Officer Mark then said “Yes, very much so, the speed limit on this part of 13 is 50.” All I could think of at this particular point was. “Holy crap I am so getting a ticket.” “Is there a reason why you were driving so fast?” He then asked me. “Well”, I replied, “To be honest I was trying to get here to help the guys load all our gear and quads, so they didn’t have to do it by themselves. Also, I am so used to driving the truck with the speedometer being off that I didn’t think much of it driving the car. That’s my fault though for not paying attention, I apologize.” He gave me a foolish look like what a stupid blonde, then he looked at Dallas. “She’s telling the truth, the truck is off.” Dallas piped up. The officer then looked back at me and chuckled , I was so confused, why did he think that was funny? “When are you trying to leave?” “Hopefully as soon as were done loading the gear,” I said, “We wanted to get there at a decent time and get a good spot.” Dallas added as he jumped off the trailer and walked over by us. He started talking to Officer Mark again like they were buddies. I was getting very annoyed and anxious at the same time. “Your not driving there, are you?” He asked me in a joking voice, which I didn’t think was funny at all. “No I am not” I replied in a not so joking voice. “Well then you all have a safe trip and take it easy.” He looked right at me and then said, “You watch how fast you are going and have fun today, I'll be watching you.” It kind of gave me goose bumps. It might have appeared creepy but if that’s the worst I get, then I can deal with that. I watched him walk

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