Stereotypes & Racism In Movies In Crash Essay

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Stereotypes & Racism in Movies Tyana Ingram COM200: Interpersonal Communication August 24, 2011 I have never watched a movie where stereotypes and racism was so evident throughout the entire movie. Interpersonal conflict is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as a disagreement or differing views between two or more people over a particular idea, thought, or action (2011, In the movie Crash, there were so many different nationalities, and so many different situations that made stereotypes and racism very apparent in the characters daily lives. In the 2005 drama filled film Crash, interpersonal conflict was throughout the entire film, but the one that was very distinct where the conflict was handled ineffectively was the conversation and split second altercation between Peter(Larenz Tate), and Officer Tom Hanson(Ryan Phillippe). Peter, who is African American, finds himself walking on the highway after running from a police chase where he and his friend Anthony (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) attempted to steal a Navigator truck from Cameron Thayer (Terrence Howard). Officer Hanson, who is Caucasian, pulled over and offered to give him ride to where he needed to go. Both men engage in a candid conversation that quickly becomes a life or death situation that gets out of line. Peter begins talking to Hanson about how he likes the country music that he is playing, but Hanson dismisses the notion by laughing, because he thinks that Peter is just trying to make conversation. Peter then looks at the dashboard where he sees a religious figurine, the Saint Christopher figurine, he begins to laugh because he carries the same Saint Christopher figurine in his pocket everywhere he goes for good luck. After Officer Hanson repetitively asked Peter what he is laughing at, Peter responds “people.” Officer Hanson thinks that Peter is making fun of white

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