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The Great Debaters Topic : Lynching scene The Great Debaters is a film set in the 1930’s based on real life facts about an all black underdog debating team from Wiley College in Texas, US. Throughout the movie the team wins more and more debates they begin to become a more respected as a black debating team. At this time period because racism was much more common than it is today; it was hard for an all black debating team to earn respect. The team was coached by Melvin B. Tolsen (Mr. Tolsen is what the team members called him) and was made up of four debaters named Henry Lowe, Samantha Booke, Hamilton Burgess and James L. Farmer jr. whom is only 14 years old and still on the team. Throughout the movie different members of the team encounter multiple acts of racism. In one scene of the movie the team is driving down a road when they come across a lynching mob which they soon discover is burning a black man’s body. Scared out of their minds, they try to quietly back the car up and drive away from the mob but when one of the mob members sees the black people in the car the whole mob starts to chase down the car. The debaters get away in the end but are all still emotionally affected and shaken by what they had seen. So in the final debate of the movie James L. Farmer jr. tells the audience about what they saw uses this awful memory to help their side of the debate. He ends up not only winning the debate for his team because of this but he also took one more step forward for black people and anti-racism. To me this scene of the movie showed me how a person can take a tragic event that has happened in their life and use it for the greater good; to help others; and to also help themselves by letting people know the truth. This scene inspired me to speak up and to try to use the bad things that have happened to me in my past to help me in my

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