Plessy vs Ferguson

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Plessy v Ferguson was the landmark case decision on May 18, 1896 in which it was upheld by Supreme Court ruling to reinforce the Louisiana law that enforced the segregation of railroad facilities. It was determined that segregation was not considered a form of discrimination so long as the races were ‘equally’ accommodated. This became also known as the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine because it was well known that the conditions were certainly not equal. The overall outcome of this case set the equal rights movement back 100 years until Brown v Board of Education of Topeka overthrew this doctrine in 1954. This ruling was forever change the future of the school system for native born Black Americans and immigrants alike. At that time the court ruled unanimously to overturn the original ruling. Mexican Americans especially considered the desegregation a very important ruling in their plight for civil rights. In 1947 Mexican Americans brought a similar case before the court in Bastrop, Texas on behalf of a first grader Minerva Delgado in the case of Delgado et al v. Bastrop et al but before this case was ever taken to court a Texas judge ordered an end to segregation. This case was the precedent in Brown vs. Board of Education. The great majority of the southern states flat out refused to comply. This led height of the civil rights movement and the forced desegregation of school systems. It was a sad time in history that consisted of many deaths, rioting and contributed to a great deal of the anger and hates that still exist in our country today. It is my personal opinion that this was not a just decision and that the end result led to violence, a civil uprising and the murders of great leaders such as Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Many have said that Dr King could have become the first African American President but he was tragically murdered. Unfortunately for our

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