1896 Plessy vs Ferguson Us Supreme Court Case

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1896 Plessy VS Ferguson US Supreme Court Case HIST222 African American History after 1877 Instructor Dr. Donna J. Nicol June 13, 2010 Back in the twentieth century African Americans were newly freed slaves. These were very hard time for the African American race. Even though they were free the laws of the land did not allow African Americans to be treated as everyone else. “The end of the Civil War had promised racial equality, but by 1900 new laws and old customs created a segregated society that condemned Americans of color to second-class citizenship.”(Museum of American History) African Americans had to follow a different set of laws called the Jim Crow Law. Jim Crow Law was used to keep blacks separate from whites. “Connection between segregation and white fears of black aggression and social equality; demands of the white South for black subordination, which was expressed through intimidation and outright terror.”(Litwack, Leon F.) Whites had their own facilities and blacks had their own facilities. African American homes, schools, and dining places were in terrible condition. African Americans were forced to live in terrible places. Most places were infested with rats and bugs etc. The white facilities were well maintain and education and there living areas were in the best areas. Whites used the Jim Crow law to keep African Americans from gaining success. This is a case where a male of mix race bought a first class train ticket. The male went to sit in the whites only train car. The conductor of the train requested for male to move to the colored train car. Male refused and stated that his thirteenth and fourteenth amendments were being violated. With the assistance of a police officer male was removed from train and taken to jail and charged. In the United States of America a person mixed with
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