Plastic Surgery In Today's Society

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Plastic Surgery; Women in Today’s Media Plastic Surgery has increasingly become more acceptable, more attainable, and the fastest growing trend in young women in today’s society. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular among younger women because of what they see as acceptable in our society. Last year, twenty three year old, reality television star, Heidi Montag went under the knife for a second time, the first being four years ago, to undergo ten major procedures in one day. Heidi sacrificed her safety and possibly her life just to achieve what she has said as an “improved version of herself,” in her post surgery interview on Good Morning America; but what others have said is too drastic, too dangerous, and at too young of an age. I contend that socialization theory, social cognitive theory, cognitive dissonance theory, and the agenda setting theory have all assisted the media in promoting and encouraging these drastic and life threatening surgeries as only a small sacrifice in achieving the ultimate ideal of beauty. FAME & FORTUNE’S EFFECT ON A WOMAN’S SELF IMAGE Heidi’s journey began when she joined “The Hills” cast in 2006 and the line of her personal life and her public life began to grow thin. In the first season Heidi was a fresh faced, young woman just starting her new life in Los Angeles and working towards attaining her dream of becoming an industry professional. Along the way, Heidi and her best friend Lauren “L.C.” Conrad encounter friendship drama, boyfriend drama, and work drama. “The Hills” was propelled into instant popularity and the cast, including Heidi, quickly became pop culture icons and media darlings. As the seasons passed and Heidi’s fame grew, so did her self-consciousness. Her life was made into “a self-made fame parade” (Chang & O’Keefe, 2010). She was constantly being broadcast on

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