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Annie Leibovitz being one of the most famous women photographers in modern history frequently explores the concepts of her personal medium. Conveying a significant amount of technique and skill Leibovitz stuns the world with her extrodinary yet unique images.She is one of the most determined photographers for celebrity pictures and became a celebrity herself that way. Annie Leibovitz has always been interested in the arts sincea very young age. In her high school years she focused on music, then dance. When starting univeristy however she took a great interest in visual artists and considered to pursue her career as an art teacher. Later on in her studies of the course, she reconsidered her decision as she had adapted a strong passion and love for photography. Annie Leibovitz is responisble for many marvolous works. Her works have clear visual qualities of her artistic practice. Large-scale landscapes, family snapshots, images of gripping personal significance and many forfilled moments of time,place and importance. She believes that attitude, lighting and what you’re trying to accomplish are the most important factors when taking a picture. Annie always taking a great interest in the american way of life photographs what many of us would call world icons. Capturing a variety of youth cultures,She constantly reveals polictical figures, pop music stars and counterculture personalitys in her images.She has a strong need to look, to see, to show, and to know. Her Preserved dedication and determination is an ability she conveys to evoke her best images."To get the best picture,You have to be in the happening. To get a remarkable one of a kind picture, you have to get to know the heart of the subject and the scene and that means experiencing what is going on first". This quote is revealed when Annie took photographs of an anti-war protest that ended up making the cover

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