Plastic Problems In Oklaha

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Oklahoma’s Baggage Have you ever really thought about how harmful some of the everyday things you do could be, potentially to the environment in a substantial way? Plastic bags are one of those problems we face in our world today. Most people bring plastic bags when coming back from a grocery store or a quick trip to the gas station. Most of these bags end up in the trash in one way or another after minimal use. These bags not only affect us humans in a negative way but also are a significant harm to many animal and our mother Earth. The bags themselves do not impact us humans the most even though we are the source for them becoming a harm in the first place. They hurt the world around us which in turn harms us. Many people might say that the…show more content…
Some studies have even shown that in some areas there was forty-six times more plastic than there was food for the animals to eat. (Conserving The mass waves of bags could be ingested by many marine lives such as whales and many fish. The fish take all the toxins from these bags and store them inside their body. The fish is now unhealthy if this fish is later caught the toxins could be eaten by a human. An animal could also be forced to relocate from its current home because of an excess of trash that restrain the daily activities needed to survive. The planet is the one body that cannot be replaced when it comes to being impacted by this issue. The bags that are thrown out and end up in landfills and sit for many hundred years since they are not easily broken down by our environment. A report done by the Moore Recycling Associates showed that an estimated 812,010,000 pounds of used plastics (plastic bags also) were recovered during 2006 and 2005. (Ian 1). The bags also release harmful toxins that could be absorbed by the ground to pollute possible plant growth This poses a grand problem for us to…show more content…
The solution is to produce a new bag that may benefit the whole planet. The use of paper bags is one of the many ideas proposed thought this idea while seemingly good is not the correct one. The paper bags must be made of tree or other paper product. They also must be shipped, and harmful chemicals must be released by the factories and trucks that move the bags. The ideal plan is to have cloth bags. These bags are reusable and can be made to become biodegradable. While this plan of action would cost the consumer more money in turn can we place a price tag on the wellbeing of our planet and its

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