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Deviance in Social Norms How people react to deviations of their daily routines and social norms can be both interesting, and in my opinion, quite comical. Deviance, by definition, “refers to behavior that violates social norms or to persons that engage in such behavior”. (Orcutt 2004, p1) Studying the social norms or standards about deviant behaviors has shown me how un-tolerated it can be. Breaking American social norms, such as shopping out of other people’s carts instead of off of the designated shelves for merchandise, can create anger and havoc in otherwise peaceful people. Each of the reactions to my deviant behavior of shopping out of another’s cart was met with anguish. Despite the items not being theirs until after they are paid for, many people are under the assumption that having the item in their cart gives them ownership of it. The reactions were negative due solely to their belief in personal possession of the unpaid for items. My evening of shopping out of other people’s carts gained me a great many negative reactions. My deviant behavior brought upon many dirty looks, some surprised looks, as well as aggression. Many of the people released their anger for my actions with profanity and yelling, while other took more physical approaches. One gentleman followed me back to my cart and took every item I had commandeered and put it in his own cart. I just smiled and hoped the end bill when he was at the cash register was worth his emotional need to prove a point. I found my endeavors rather comical and surprisingly easy to complete. Men and women alike were legitimately upset about me shopping out of their carts. You would think I had taken the items out of the cupboards in their homes with the amount of anger I encountered. There was only one woman out of the many people I encountered that didn’t seem to be at all affected by my deviance. She

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